Monday, July 18, 2005

Careers Article on Copywriting Gets to the Heart

It's rare that I come across an article on my chosen career. Rarer still when I find one that really gets to the heart of this often-misunderstood business of copywriting, and treats it with respect.

Chronicle Careers - Copywriter

I particularly like the author's definition of marketing, and his reasoning behind why marketing is grossly misunderstood in our world. We've all seen rotten marketing pieces, schlocky stuff that shouts overblown promises and beats you over the head with fake urgency. That kind of copy will permanently damage a person, a company, even an industry. (Does anyone walk onto a used car lot absolutely convinced their salesman will be totally honest with them anymore?)

Real marketing - and real copywriting - is about information, about sharing yours with your customers. As the author says, people aren't stupid. If they're given solid information, and the opportunity to make their own conclusion, you'll see your sales shoot up. And they'll be honest sales, from honest copy.


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