Thursday, November 17, 2005

Probably the closest I'll get to WoW...

Why Can't Real Organizations Be As Collaborative As Virtual Games?

I'm not too sure about the link between MMORPGs (multi-player online games) and organization techniques, but if anyone could tie it together, Dave Pollard could. I've been reading his blog for months now, and I'm consistently impressed with his insight and willingness to delve deep into issues. Today's entry expounds on models of communication and strategy in business versus their collaborative cousins in the bowels of the Web.

I especially like the Complicated World/Complex World list comparison. The Complicated is more rigid, hierarchical, inflexible. The Complex is more organic, cthonian and egalitarian. The list's comparisons can even be applied to other strategic forms - marketing, creative, industrial planning, arts education, the (proverbial) list goes on.

I encourage everyone to read this article, beginning to end. There's enough information socked in there for everyone to find something relevant to their work (or play), and possibly a solution to a related problem.


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