Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tagging and Weaving Web Content into Web Development

I'm going to start tagging my blog posts with Technorati tags. It'll help improve my blog ranking, as well as get my articles and occasionally-witty commentary out to more Webophiles.

In a way, this links into my topic for today's blog posting. (Ha ha, 'links,' I'm pun-ny today.) I'm going through my text, checking for relevant keywords and phrases people may search for in my relevant topics. In essence, I will be weaving tags into my content from now on.

And here's another example of weaving:
Nine Rules of Good Web Design for Freshers
This one's a basic (but well-rounded) set of tips on good web design.

It's also a great example of how important content is into web development. The value of content is pointed to in 6 of the 9 tips: Message, Readable Texts, Easy Page Flow, Navigation, Privacy and Customer Opinions, & (of course) Spelling, Grammar and Word Choice. The rest of the information is very sensible and comprehensive - a good read for new designers and seasoned professionals alike.

It even ends with an admonition for good content. Kudos to the Freshers!

Technorati Tags: Technorati Blog Copywriting


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