Saturday, August 27, 2005

Frantic Brainstorming: You'd Be Amazed

Today I called a client to update him, and ask him for approval on some ideas I had for his project. He wasn't in, so I left a message. He called back an hour later - he's very punctual in that regard - and we chatted a while. The update only took a second, and he had some good news for me too.

When we got to the idea-hashing though, I noticed that we both shifted gears. I was interested in more background information; he wanted to give me any information I needed to get the project done. I started us with some questions on the current approach I had, and we were off. Spent next 15 minutes just going back and forth, anything that came up.

By the time we were done I had a headline worked out, two possible central focuses, all my questions answered and some additional content for implementing the company voice.

THAT was good communication. We had a starting point, we were both aware of what the other needed, and we went in the direction necessary to get it. I got some focus to the content I have; he got the assurance of his writer being diligent and on-task.

I'm thinking of asking this company if I can do a case study of them after this site, for my portfolio. They're that cooperative and up-front. I wish all my clients were this attentive to their written presence!

P.S. - When the site's up, I'll post links to the blog for everyone to see what I've been talking about all this time.


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