Saturday, August 13, 2005

Why I Went to LinuxWorld

LinuxWorld is an ultimate geekfest. Tons of information about Linux, open source, new business strategies & technologies. Industry experts across the board talking with enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, engineers and company reps who got sent there because the boss was curious about using Linux. It's an event wherein everyone eats, sleeps & breathes state-of-the-art IT.

So why would a copywriter go there? I write on marketing communications - the companies there are interested in tech relationships with other companies.

I had a few reasons.

1. I'm a former IT administrator, as I've said in the past. The 'tech bug' is one of those things that never leaves you. I love seeing the technical leaps and bounds made each year. Talking with experts, getting information, and listening to presentations keeps me on the bleeding edge.

2. Many of my clients either are tech companies, or work with them. An informed copywriter, one who understands their industry lingo, their priorities, and their communications problems is an extremely valuable resource.

3. Sometimes I meet very good contacts. For example, one I made at LinuxWorld was a VP of marketing for a firm in San Diego. She mentioned that their company often works with freelancers like myself, and even showed me some very well-done materials they'd produced. I'll be contacting her next week to talk further. I never would have met her - and made a contact that could easily become a profitable business relationship for both of us - if I hadn't gone to LinuxWorld.

4. I like free stuff. Come on, everybody does. And LinuxWorld is a great place to collect free stuff of ANY kind. I particularly like this very stylish leather zippered binder I won in a presentation by HP.

Technology conventions are definitely not for everyone. Only those who love technology, or love what cutting-edge technology can do for their businesses, will really enjoy an environment like LinuxWorld. If you meet either of those criteria (and since you're reading this on a blog, you likely do), then I'd recommend the nearest tech convention to you!


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