Thursday, September 22, 2005

Frantic! - Cartoon Reminiscence of Organized Madness

I remember an old Peanuts cartoon I read as a kid. It had Charlie Brown & the gang at a decathlon, with Ol' Chuck competing. He won an event - I think it was the discus - and everybody was totally stunned.

Lucy, utterly flabbergasted that Charlie Brown could win ANYthing, said, "Stop the world. I want to get off."

That's about how I've been feeling lately.

People calling at all hours, a bunch of last-minute changes needed, new projects on the horizon, marketing to handle by the end of the month..phew! And school on top of it all. I already had to miss one of my favorite networking events last week due to a study session (quite frankly, I'd have been better off going to the meeting instead).

At least I'm keeping busy. It's WAY too easy to become complacent these days. Which brings up a whole new set of troubles that I'd rather avoid any day. The business is positive, too - two projects completing, and a new one that was just greenlighted today.

I think I'll pencil some time in this weekend to finish that Justification for Copywriting article I've been working on. Until then, remember - winter is coming. Stick your head out a window and enjoy a moment of sun while it's here.


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