Thursday, September 01, 2005

Communication in Chaos

As a professional on the go, I rely on my cellphone a lot. It keeps me in contact with my work and my clients, wherever I am. Once, I dictated to my own voicemail box because I had a great idea for a client's brochure - and I couldn't find a pen!

Like most everyone else, I've been following the news on the locations affected by Hurricane (now Tropical Storm) Katrina. I have several friends in that area. One's been without power since Monday; another barely missed losing his home.

Where do these two intertwine? On one of my central principles as a copywriter - communication. Here are a couple links:

Cingular Gives Opens Free Calling Stations
Cell Carriers Rush In To Help With Katrina
T-Mobile Sets Up Free Wi-fi in New Orleans

The generosity I'm seeing from cellphone carriers alone is heartening. Of course, the Red Cross, the National Guard and local & national charities deserve recognition for their good work in response to this disaster. But I want to offer a nod to these cellphone carriers for this kindness.

These services will aid in rescue efforts, in moving supplies to where they're needed, and to reconnect broken families. Communication could literally make the difference between saving someone and losing them. With that in mind, free cellphone service becomes a valuable gift, and I thank the carriers for their part in Katrina's relief efforts.


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