Friday, December 02, 2005

Multiple Proofreadings - Give Your Content The Twice-Over

A client's email today reminded me of something important enough to post on. He emailed to tell me he was having a couple of other people at his business look over the content I wrote for their website.

Extremely sensible of him.

Proofreading is vital to any writing. But one thing that can help a great deal (and is not often done) is multiple proofreadings. Everyone has a different role, different priorities they follow each day. Taking a few minutes to read over something to see if it represents your interests as well only improves the writing's quality. Another pair of eyes can catch what the first missed, and so on.

Way too often, not even one proofread is done. I see articles online, from reputable news or corporate sites, with glaring spelling errors in them. I've gotten to the point where I don't actually say out loud, "How can you miss that?" They're that common. Doing one proofread is smart, but several is exceptional.

How many people read over your last content update? Next time you're writing up some copy, call up some department heads and ask them for their proofreading time. They'll feel better, for being included in the process, and you'll come out on top with well-reviewed copy.


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