Monday, September 18, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 9-18-06 - Double-Check What Business You're Really In

(Sorry this one's late - very bad traffic plagued me today.)

A couple weeks ago, the eminent Duct Tape Marketing blog posed this question to its readers - What business are you really in?

He gave four possible choices:
  1. The Information business

  2. The Community-Building business

  3. The Experience business

  4. The Transformation business
When I first read it, I thought John was talking about choosing one of the four (he really meant that any company could shape its image using all of them). So I thought, "I'm in the information business." Pretty easy, right? I produce information for companies marketing themselves.

But then I realized that's just surface thinking. What do I REALLY do? What are the benefits (something every good copywriter must focus on) of my services?

Then I realized transformation was more accurate. I'm in the transformation business.

What do I transform for my clients? Their copy. Their marketing campaigns. Their customer relationships. Their verbal image. Their ROI.

Which type(s) of business are you? Remember the benefits angle - how do you benefit your customers?



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