Monday, August 28, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 8-28-06 - My Declaration: No Ad-Speak

This morning, like I do every Monday, I received my Monday Morning Memo from the Wizard of Ads. You can read it here:

I highly recommend signing up, too. Great way to start the week off. Especially with this one.

Today's Memo talked about one of the things I hate the most in the business world: Ad-Speak. I sometimes call it "marketing-speak" too. And to date, I've never talked to anyone that enjoyed seeing it.

Sadly, we all recognize it because Ad-Speak is just that rampant. Finance, technology, engineering, medicine, education, social services, government - it's in every industry! Go ahead, picture Ad-Speak. You're probably conjuring up some well-dressed guy sitting behind a desk, offering you a pen while he smiles so wide you could check how well his last dental appointment went.

It might seem a little contrite, but in light of the topic, I thought I'd make today's Tip a Declaration instead. I'm doing so because I agree with the Wizard. I loathe Ad-Speak. Marketing and advertising should never be about bamboozling the customer, making empty promises, or trying to confuse them with lengthy words.

My declaration is this - Blue Ferret Communications does not and will never use Ad-Speak. Never.

I tell all of my clients that I always proofread three times. The first proofread is for grammar, spelling, and flow. The second is for sentences that sound like Ad-Speak. (The third is for checking focus and audience awareness, in case you were wondering.)

I tell all my clients that my copy will be personable, direct, and have something to say. And I'll make you the same promise, regardless of what role you play in the business world. No Ad-Speak. Not in my work, not on my blog.

Say, anyone know of a campaign to stamp out Ad-Speak? I'll sign on!



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