Monday, August 21, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 8-21-06 - Search B2Bs with

I was fumbling around earlier, trying to come up with an idea for today's BlogTip. Then I glanced over at my planner. I'd written a note to submit to a search engine I hadn't heard of until last Friday.

It's called, and it's strictly a B2B search engine. That's right, only business-to-business companies are listed on Jayde.

An entire ENGINE devoted to collecting B2B companies. For any kind of entrepreneur, this site's solid platinum! There's even directory listings, in case you want to browse instead of search (I like doing that - sometimes additional prospects will pop up from other categories). is sponsored by WebProNews, one of the most thorough and up-front tech news sites I've come across. Submission is free.

If you sell to businesses, you should be on Jayde. If you're a copywriter, a marketing pro, or self-employed, plumb Jayde's depths for leads. There are plenty.



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