Monday, September 04, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 9-4-06 - Use Labor Day to Plan

I originally wanted to spend today doing nothing. Using the time to completely unwind. And while I plan on doing that later, I'm spending part of this Labor Day doing some planning for the coming months. Mostly on my marketing campaigns. It's an ideal time.

That's today's BlogTip: use the day to plan where you want to be by year's end. Labor Day has become a turning point in business, between the lull of summer and the hum of holidays. After today, we swing into the fast lane. Plan out when and for how long you want to step up marketing in winter. Any new ideas sitting on the fence, waiting for an opportunity? See if now's the time.

That's all for now. Whatever you're doing today, enjoy it! Remember what Labor Day was founded for - a day to celebrate those of us who help keep our economy going, every day.


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