Monday, February 26, 2007

Where to Find Free Wi-Fi - Blue Ferret BlogTip 2-26-07

I checked this morning's RSS feeds and found this little feature on Lifehacker:'s Wifi Hotspot Locator.
Looks fairly complete (San Francisco's ranked #1! Yay!), and the mashup interface is dead simple.

I added it to my wireless bookmarks. Then I thought about what to BlogTip on today. Hmm....

Wi-Fi use is growing, although most of what I come across requires me to pay for time. If I need access, I pay for it. But c'mon, we all know we'd prefer free.

So, in addition to Hotspotr, here are the other places I check for free wi-fi spots:

The Wi-Fi Free Spot
JiWire's Wi-Fi Directory

Between these three sites, I think you've got 90% of the available public wi-fi hotspots covered. (And us Web Workers will probably find and add the rest of them.)

If your area's not covered, and you can't find any hotspots on your own - throw up an access point! Let's blanket the entire US with free wi-fi!

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