Monday, December 26, 2005

Strategy: Use This Week to Plan for Next Year

Quite an odd circumstance we have this week - an entire workweek sandwiched perfectly between Christmas and New Year's. Feels like an island in time, doesn't it? What do we do to innovate, to make the week worthwhile, when it seems disconnected from the rest of the year? (At least that's how I've been feeling.)

I have one idea - planning.

The new year IS upon us. What better time to lay out the months ahead, make up lists of objectives and tasks, and schedule out the progress of the year? I know, there's no way to plan for everything. But with a solid strategy to stand on, it's a lot easier to weather the unpredictable.

In part, I'd like to use this post to introduce a website that's become extremely valuable to me recently: There's a slew of information here on personal organization, productivity, business strategies, and more. I'll be plumbing the depths of this site all week, looking for tidbits and hints on ways to make 2006 well-planned, easy to approach, and goal-oriented.

Here's to a wildly productive 2006!


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