Friday, January 13, 2006

Amazing What You Can Learn In An Interview

I had an interview today, with a promising marketing company (who will remain nameless, for confidentiality's sake). During the interview, I learned several important things about the state of business today, and wanted to share them.

1. 2006 is looking good.
I've read the statistics too, but hearing it from the people who live it day-to-day, that's something else. Everyone was optimistic, plans were being made, opportunities were capitalized on. Great way to make the impression of a prosperous year a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2. Small business really IS the heart of America.
The company told me about some new contracts they'd won - contracts with huge, top-name IT companies. Best of the best stuff. Sometimes I wonder about how those enormous companies make so much information available, even at their size. Now we know - small businesses provide the lifeblood.

3. Some things never change...and that's good.
Technology races on, new methods of communication pop up, companies clamor for market share in markets that didn't exist days ago. But in the end, business is still about people. One on one, talking, working things out, meeting needs of other people. I fully believe that writing is the prime extension of basic human interaction, the source and destination of our innovation and problem-solving.

It's not as common as I'd like to meet professionals who place as high a value on writing as I do. But I've encountered several people today that do, and I'm heartened to know it.

I also happen to know that the company's execs read my blog. So Marissa, Wayne, Ed, thank you for your time today. I learned a great deal from the trip, and regardless, I wish you and your company the best.


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