Monday, January 23, 2006

Warning! Severe Quicktime Problem!

Saturday I installed the newest update to Quicktime, so I could watch some movie trailers. Afterward, I rebooted.

I wish I'd seen this article before I did that: QuickTime patch hits trouble

My hard drive crashed. Badly. I lost huge amounts of data. My backup procedure, a second partition on the same hard drive, also crashed completely. Drive diagnostics were unable to get more than about two-thirds of my data off. So, back to Seagate it goes for a replacement.

I'm on an older hard drive I had lying around in the meantime. Working with a handicap, but working.

I'm blogging about this to make as many people as I can aware of the Quicktime problem. As you can read in the above article, it's the latest upgrade, 7.04, that are causing the problems. I urge everyone to avoid upgrading Quicktime, if you use it, until another version is posted.


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