Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Technical Blogs and RSS Feeds

A couple months ago I posted about RSS feeds relating to copywriting. Today I'm posting blogs and RSS feeds I use to keep up on technology. I don't use as many RSS feeds for tech, because I often run across a blog post I want to save and refer to later. Plus, following links from a blog post is fun, as well as informative.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, these are RSS links.

TinyApps.org Blog. When you're trying to make 5 computers of varying ages work smoothly, you begin to realize the value in small, self-contained applications. Also, the ubiquity of the USB flash drive has made this form of software development extremely viable. TinyApps.org contains a slew of free portable applications, divided into categories by function and/or platform. Their blog provides such additions as single-purpose Web service applications, new additions to the TinyApps list, and small but significant FAQs.

Redferret.net (site) (RSS) For the geeks and gadget nuts. RedFerret catalogues the tech world's up-and-comings and "uhhh..."-inspiring. From the extremely-useful Web server on a USB drive to a remote cat torturing device, it's the place to plug into for new devices, new programs, and new geek-distractions. Plus, hey, it's another ferret site. The Blue Ferret has long appreciated the RedFerret's wit.

OS News. If you want to know anything - and I do mean ANYthing - about operating systems, this is the place to subscribe with. Every type of OS is covered here in detail, with comment threads that provide additional, topical information for each article. In addition to news, there are many how-to articles dealing with OS installations, booting, hardware issues, and more.

SourceForge.net - New Releases. This satisfies my open-source thrills. SourceForge, the world's largest open-source repository, sends out updates several times a day by RSS on new and updated projects undertaken by its users. You can spend hours following links in SourceForge, back and forth between categories, picking up software and information by the gigabyte. It was through SourceForge links that I discovered such programs as Miranda, my IM client, and Media Player Classic, a great alternative to the Windows Media Player.

Lockergnome.com (site). The acme. Daily email newsletters and RSS, covering virtually every major topic in IT, from Windows to Linux to wireless. I stay up to read these when they arrive in the evenings. Current events, new software, Web services, tips & tricks, it's all here. It's entirely possible, in my opinion, to stay sufficiently up-to-date in IT merely by subscribing to and reading the Lockergnome newsletters.

Taking a link tour from any one of these sites would probably lead you eventually to the others. They are some of the most informative IT sites on the Web, dedicated solely to sharing news, apps and documentation. Enjoy your tech!



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