Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ferreting Onward

I don't really want to do this. But I feel I have to.

Effective today, I'm ceasing activity on this blog. It's possible I may resume posting at a later date, but I doubt it. Right now, I want to spend the time on other marketing pursuits. These are the ideas I'm tossing around:

--A new marketing strategy, based off my website. A full site rework is in progress anyway - new CMS, new content and everything.

--Speaking of new content, I'll add ebooks and special reports to the site soon. At least one ebook will be some reproduced/revised content from this blog.

--I'm also debating a change in my newsletter. I may start sending it more frequently, or modify the format to work more closely with the new site. (Signup box is on the right!)

Please bookmark I'll post my updates there from now on.

To my readers, thank you very much for coming to read my work. I promise, you will get the chance to read more of it very soon!

Until then, this copywriter/blogger is signing off.


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